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Mechanization, Mecano-welding, Industrial boilermaking

Machined fabrications with carbon and stainless steel
Manufacturing of capital goods “Turnkey”
Manufacture of products in series small and medium


Mecainsa, S.L. consolidates its productive capacity in machinery of high precision and reliability, as well as in the use of industrial tools made by the best marks.


In the mechanized section of we made all type of works by shaving starting, as well as the assembly under drawing, design of own or by the client. Any doubt on our capacity, we requested consult to us. We are to its whole disposition.


In the boilermaking section, our manufacture is varied, being able to manufacture all kinds of mechano-welded boilermaking, medium-light boilermaking, boilermaking for civil engineering machines and all kinds of special recharges.

Our Clients

Between our clients we can honor pertaining companies sectors so varied as the mining, manufacture of equipment goods and power industry. To all of them we thank these intense years of work and satisfaction, hoping to follow his long service achieving the same goals
Our more representative clients are:


Mecainsa since 1978


In MECAINSA S.L., in order to ensure and guarantee the compliance with its commitments and operating conditions, the requirements and demands of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 are the general rules for the management of quality, generating a system aimed at excellence and customer satisfaction since 2003.


Verification of manufactured products in MECAINSA, SL responds to a quality assurance process parameter, based on the dimensional characteristics of each of these products.


The certification of the quality of a product is a process by which the quality and / or characteristics of the final product is guaranteed.

Conidence and Security

These certifications are the demonstration of which MECAINSA S.L. so much by its clients as by the international organizations of accreditation like one of the most competent companies within the industrial sector is considered.

“In Mecainsa we assumed the commitment of the product manufacture mechanic-welded metalworks for our clients.”

“Our company is distinguished to provide an excellent quality on watch to its clients”

“ We believe that tradition is not contrary to modernization and the combination of KNOW HOW, PERSONAL EFFORT, QUALITY, CUSTOMER CARE AND MODERN FACILITIES creates”



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Peña Santa (Pol. Ind. Silvota),
Parc. 71 - 33690 - Silvota
Llanera - Asturias - España

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