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Mecainsa metalmecánica s.l.

Since 1978

Mecainsa S.L. started its activity as a machine workshop and was founded by highly qualified professionals in this area.

It was initially located in San Claudio industrial state. Here, the facilities already possessed suitable tool machines for the manufacture of rolling equipment used in the mining sector. The mining industry was the engine of the local economy at that time.

The company was soon consolidated in the sector and 1987 would be a turning point in its history. This year Mecainsa SL became a distributor and after sales service provider of KOMATSU construction and mining equipment.

In addition, the facilities were moved to Silvota industrial state and a new metal fabrication and welding division was created to reinforce their commitment with continuous improvement.

The new facilities were located in a 7000m2 plot with 2500m2 of built area. 

Machined fabrications with carbon and stainless steel

Machined fabrications with carbon and stainless steel

Manufacturing of capintal goods "Turnkey"

Manufacturing of capintal goods "Turnkey"

Manufacture of products in series small and medium

Manufacture of products in series small and medium

Our Clients

Between our clients we can honor pertaining companies sectors so varied as the mining, manufacture of equipment goods and power industry. To all of them we thank these intense years of work and satisfaction, hoping to follow his long service achieving the same goals
Our more representative clients are:

Mission | Vision

We assumed the commitment of the product manufacture mechanic-welded metalworks for our clients. Mecainsa SL will be characterized by a continuous growth, with multinational presence, that will be distinguished to provide an excellent quality on watch to its clients, a sustainable yield, an extension of opportunities of professional and personal development to its employees.

Through the values of:
• Direction to the client.
• Commitment with the results.
• Sustainability.
• Honest and opened communication.
• First of all Integrity.


The metal industry in Asturias is at the forefront of the latest technologies, the new productive processes, the most advanced safety at work systems and the highest environmental and quality standards. This sector in Asturias is composed by 450 companies which employ around 33.000 employees, among these companies there are leading producers of steel, aluminum and Zinc.



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Peña Santa (Pol. Ind. Silvota),
Parc. 71 - 33690 - Silvota
Llanera - Asturias - España

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